Trump Rips New York AG For Keeping Him Off Campaign Trail And In Court


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Former President Donald Trump is outraged at New York Attorney General Letitia James’s civil fraud lawsuit for several reasons, one of which is because he sees it as blatant election interference.

Trump took verbal aim at James when he left the Manhattan courtroom where his trial is being held last week, ripping her for keeping him “stuck” in the city and off the campaign trail.

“I’m here, stuck here, and I can’t campaign. I’d rather be right now in Iowa. I’d rather be in New Hampshire or South Carolina or Ohio or a lot of other places. But I’m stuck here because I have a corrupt attorney general that communicates with the DOJ in Washington to keep me nice and busy because I’m leading Biden in the polls by a lot,” Trump said, according to Fox News.

He also accused James of colluding with President Biden’s Justice Department to keep him tied up with legal cases and out of early primary states.

“This is election interference. They made up a fake case, these fraudulent people. And the judge already knows what he’s going to do. He’s a Democrat judge. In all fairness to him, he has no choice,” Trump added. “I know this city better than anybody who knows this city.


“Nobody knows it like I do. He’s a Democrat judge out of the clubhouses, he’s controlled, and it’s a shame. What’s going on here is a shame. Our whole system is corrupt. This is corrupt, Atlanta is corrupt, and what’s coming out of D.C. is corrupt,” Trump noted further.

The 45th president went on to blast James for campaigning on a platform to ‘get’ him after a brief failed run for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 2021. She was caught on video pledging to target Trump and his businesses, specifically while he was still president.

Eric Trump shared the video of James promising to take down Trump on his Instagram page.

“This is not the United States Legal System – this is third-world prosecutorial misconduct. Promising to target a political opponent and their family before even entering office – it’s hard to believe this is America. Letitia James may go down as the most politically corrupt Attorney General in New York history,” he said in the video’s caption.

“Stay Tuned… we have sued her for her unethical behavior and a judge will see every one of these videos, her viciousness, and the pure malice of her actions and statements. More to come: Tomorrow may just be a video of James ad-libbing the song ‘I will survive’ while interjecting hate speech about Donald Trump…. very common for the top law enforcement official in the State of New York,” the former president’s son said.

“This garbage erodes Americans’ confidence in the legal system and it will stop. Thank you to everyone who has sent videos of her – we seem to get new ones almost every day. #KeepThemComing,” he added.

The judge overseeing his case, Arthur Engoron, has also been particularly hostile to him. Late last week, during the trial, he threatened to jail Trump and impose heavy fines for “blatantly” violating a gag order by refusing to remove a website post that attacked court staff.


The trial got underway on a serious note on Friday, with Justice Arthur F. Engoron laying out the high stakes and demanding explanations from Trump’s attorneys.

“In the current overheated climate, incendiary comments can, and in some cases already have, led to serious physical harm and worse. I will now allow the defendants to explain why this blatant violation of the gag order would not result in serious sanctions, including financial sanctions and/or possibly imprisoning him,” Engoron said.

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