Trump Attorney Alina Habba Demands Trump Charges Be Dropped


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Alina Habba, one of the lawyers representing former President Donald Trump in a civil business fraud lawsuit, demanded charges against Trump be dropped.

During an interview on Fox News with host Sean Hannity, Habba spoke about Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s mishandling of sensitive documents. Hur decided not to file any charges against Biden.

Also, Hur’s documentation of Biden’s substantial loss of mental capacity will also renew arguments among what is now a large majority of Americans — based on the most recent surveys — that they do not believe the president can serve another four-year term, much less serve out his current term.

Habba cited the report to demand that charges “absolutely” need to be dropped against Trump.

“And now with reaction is Trump legal spokesperson Alena Habba. Legally speaking? The question I was just asking Greg Jarrett. And by the way, thank you for joining us, Selina. The question I was asking him, now that this is their standard, that you can willfully retain and handle classified documents and not be punished for it. Does that open up a legal window for you and your legal team to go in and say, you know, we need equal application of our laws here?” Hannity asked Habba.


“Absolutely. I think the one thing that we learned today from special counsel her is that there is, in fact, and not that we didn’t know it. Sean. Two systems of justice. One, if you’re a Republican, one if you’re a Democrat. We’ve seen it time and time again. You’ve spoken of it the way that this can be used. And what has become obvious that they haven’t really thought about is they try and look impartial. They try and say, okay, we’re going to raid Mar-a-lago. Oh, maybe that was a little too much. Let’s peel it back,” Habba began.

“Let’s look at Biden’s documents. One thing they’re forgetting that is so clear to me as an attorney is that, number one, President Trump has one thing that Biden as Senator Biden, as Vice President Biden didn’t have. The Presidential Records Act, something that has shielded President Clinton. So when you’re looking at this dual system of justice, they’re going to have to face the music when we’re in court. They’re going to have to answer questions. And you know what? We shouldn’t even be going to court. Honestly, I agree with my client 100%,” Habba said.

She added, “They need to drop charges and let Americans believe that we’re not going to be treated differently depending on our politics. I don’t think they’re capable of it. I think they have severe Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“But, you know, it’s very obvious what’s happening here. But I do want to thank special counsel Hur for making it very clear to the American public that this man can’t even remember when his son was passed.  And more importantly, Sean, did you see what he said today in the press conference? He doubled down on it and said, I didn’t think I needed to answer that question,” she said.

“Well, that’s another problem that we haven’t spoken about. You’re sitting in an investigation. You have an obligation to answer truthfully and honestly. Today was just mind-boggling. They absolutely should drop the charges. We shouldn’t even have to go as far as to defend it,” Habba concluded.


Other Republicans made it very clear that they plan to use the details of Hur’s findings as a political weapon throughout the 2024 campaign cycle.

“Every time he (Biden) talks, he’s confused,” Rep. Rich McCormick, R-Ga., a Marine and former emergency room doctor, told Just the News. “If he’s not taken by the arm and shown where to go, he doesn’t know where to walk. He could be at the White House and try to go through the wrong entrance. He could be on stage and not know which direction to go. He doesn’t know who’s standing next to him. He doesn’t even know where he’s going.

“This is just a confused old man. Now, the whole problem with the whole prosecution issue is I’m more concerned about presidential decisions,” he noted further, according to the outlet. “We’re talking about a guy who has the keys to nuclear arms. You’re talking about a guy who makes decisions on who to attack and who to defend, and who to support and has to make a defense of our policy – foreign and domestic.

“This is a guy who couldn’t sell his plan to anybody right now. I think the Democrats are starting to realize that in a very real way,” he added.

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Thursday night, numerous Republicans expressed dismay over Hur’s decision not to charge Biden — citing his purported feebleness — despite evidence of mishandling and sharing classified information. This, they argued, highlighted a double standard of justice that had previously led to charges against Trump for comparable offenses.

Interestingly, the sentiment also found support among Biden supporters, including Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz.

“You can’t have two different laws for similar acts,” Dershowitz told Just the News. “You have to have one single standard of justice.”

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