Trump Announces What He Will Do The Night Before Next GOP Debate


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Former President Donald Trump once again plans to upstage the next GOP primary debate with a townhall-style event hosted by Fox News star Sean Hannity.

According to Deadline, Trump will appear with Hannity on Tuesday in Davenport, Iowa, one night before a NewsNation-hosted GOP debate on Wednesday moderated by Elizabeth Vargas, Megyn Kelly, and Eliana Johnson.

The Republican candidate debate “will feature a much slimmer field compared to the first gathering of the GOP candidates in August. Nikki Haley, DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy are likely to be on the stage, but it is unclear whether Chris Christie will qualify,” Deadline reported.

Trump has skipped all three previous debates despite some goading by Christie and others to show up, citing his massive lead in the polls as reason enough to skip them.


Last month, former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich said elections that have taken place around the world indicate that the entire globe, not just the United States, has grown weary of the far left.

The former speaker pointed to elections in Argentina, Italy, and Hungary and juxtaposed them with the rising poll numbers for Trump, the ultimate political outsider, to make his case.

“This is about their survival. This is literally the behavior of an entire system, which understands it is on the verge of being destroyed,” Gingrich said in an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

“They are looking at what happened in Italy and what just happened last week in Argentina. There is a worldwide movement against left-wing radical, socialist values. Look at Hungary. Again and again, average everyday people are saying no, we don’t want this,” the former Speaker said.

“The numbers for Trump right now get bigger and bigger and bigger. I think what you are seeing on the left is desperation that literally is a survival function. We’ve never seen this, maybe the South in 1860. Other than that, I have never seen this level of desperation in American politics, and it will get worse,” he said.

“They have a candidate who is hopeless. If you watch Joe Biden, you know he is not going to win, and they can’t get rid of him. They have a situation where their opponent is getting stronger and better and more disciplined. I think that leads to a very explosive moment in American history,” the former speaker said.

“Putting him in jail won’t work either. The problem they have got is — I don’t know how it happened, I’m writing a series in American Spectator, I have to confess — I’m not sure how we got to where we are today because it is hard to understand how the modern left somehow went through this permutation, this almost mutant behavior, they are now so radically isolated, and they are losing African Americans and Latinos and in recent polls, they’re losing young Americans and Asian Americans,” he continued.

“All the groups they thought they could count on are thinking, ‘These guys are nuts.’ And they are not going to vote for them,” Gingrich added.

“They know they are nuts because of pain, pain in terms of fentanyl and crime, pain in terms of the price of living, and pain in the number of immigrants crossing the border,” Gingrich added.

“Every time they turn around, they see an incompetent president who is beyond his due date. A reasonable Democratic Party, if it still existed, and it doesn’t, would insist Joe Biden step down. There is no Democratic Party that can do that and he’s not going to step down. And if he did, they get Kamala Harris because in their party, their particular universe, you cannot defeat a black woman,” he said.

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