President Trump Delivers Emotional Message to Supporters


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Former President Donald Trump has again lashed out at the various court cases and charges filed against him by a Democratic administration and by Democratic attorneys general and prosecutors, as the 2024 campaign cycle begins in earnest.

In aTruth Social post on Wednesday, the 45th president and current GOP presidential frontrunner warned that a weaponization of the legal system, as he sees it, would not only open a “very big and dangerous Pandora’s Box” but also help him gain more support from voters who see him as being unfairly persecuted.

“I’m 12 Points up on Crooked Joe Biden,” he wrote. “But he’s got the Justice Department and others suing me wherever and whenever possible – WEAPONIZATION, it’s called, and maybe that can make a difference.”

Trump also accused his political rival of using “Election Interfering Thugs” to disrupt and destroy his effort to regain the White House with endless lawsuits, forcing him to “campaign from inside a courthouse” instead of spending time on the campaign trail.

“As the leader of the Opposition Party, I should not be forced to campaign from inside a courthouse,” he wrote, “which is very doable, but not very Democratic or convenient.”


“If they filed these cases years ago, which they could have, this would not be a problem,” Trump added. “But they want it to be a problem because they are BAD!”

“Voters have, and will, reject it,” Trump concluded. “To ALL Democrats, be careful what you wish for. God Bless America!”

Meanwhile, Trump has a better-than-average chance of beating Biden next year, according to a new election analysis that examines several elements of the race.

In a column for RealClearPolitics, veteran political consultant Dr. Louis Perron, author of the upcoming book “Beat the Incumbent: Proven Strategies and Tactics to Win Elections,” writes that Trump isn’t a shoo-in for the White House, despite all of the things that have gone wrong on Biden’s watch.

“Elections with an incumbent are foremost a referendum on the incumbent. As two-thirds of Americans think that their country is headed in the wrong direction and more than half of voters tell pollsters that they disapprove of the job President Joe Biden is doing, the 2024 election is the Republicans’ to lose,” Perron begins.

But he notes that, in his book, he warns “candidates not to rely solely on the weaknesses, failures, and even scandals of an incumbent government. They are often not enough to bring down an incumbent government.”

To explain that, he cites a focus group respondent who once said, “Voting for a challenger is like moving houses. Yes, you’re unhappy with the place you currently live in, but you want to know what the new house will look like.”

Perron went on to say that is a problem with Trump.

“Their likely nominee, Donald Trump, is as disliked as Joe Biden, and worse, he’s not a new commodity as challengers otherwise often are. Most people have made up their minds about him, and it’s much more difficult to change public opinion than to define it in the first place,” he wrote. “I always tell my clients that the best and only starting point for effective campaign planning is brutal honesty. The reality is that being out on bail in four jurisdictions, Donald Trump is a deeply flawed general election candidate.”

That said, Perron believes the results of next year’s presidential election will come down “to the so-called double haters, those who have an unfavorable opinion about both Trump and Biden.” If the focus remains on Biden, then Trump is going to be victorious, the analyst said, adding that the opposite will be true if Trump remains more in the spotlight.

He also said that Trump’s campaign, and surrogate Republicans, must gently remind voters that getting what they don’t like about the former president also comes with getting what they did like about him in the form of successful policies.

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