NY Judge Engoron Rules In Trump Civil Fraud Case


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Arthur Engoron, the New York judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial, has finally issued a ruling in the case.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned on ‘getting’ Trump, sought $370 million in damages and a permanent ban on the former president doing any business in the state.

Engoron has ruled that Trump and his family must pay more than $350 million in fines to New York while also banning him from operating his business in the state for three years, Fox News reported.

“James had sought $370 million, plus 9% interest in penalties from Trump. Any awarded funds would go to the New York State Treasury, unless directed elsewhere by the state comptroller,” the outlet continued.


Last month, a CNN legal expert and former federal prosecutor stunned the panel when he spoke on the network about New York Attorney General Letitia James and her prosecution of the Trump Organization.

Eli Honig appeared during a segment with host Kate Bolduan when he was asked about the case, and he made no bones about it: He believes James’ prosecution of the former president is motivated by politics.

“Absolutely. I mean, Elie, Caroline, weigh in on this as well. I think I scribbled it down — I can’t read my own writing — scribbled it down as Paula was reporting it out, this entire case is a manufactured claim to serve a political agenda, first words out of Chris Kise’s mouth,” the host said before Honig gave his opinion.

“Well, two things can be true and are true at once. Yes, Donald Trump inflated the value of his assets by a lot. I think that’s been established by this case. There’s a separate question whether anyone was actually harmed because the banks made the loans, they knew what they were doing, they got paid back,” Honig said.

“But it is a fact that Letitia James, as Paula Reid said, Letitia James campaigned for attorney general in 2018 specifically on a promise to vote for me and I’ll get Donald Trump. That’s not something she said once. She said it dozens of times. She said it in writing. She fundraised off it. And she wasn’t even specific. She didn’t say, I’ll get him for inflating his assets. At one point, she said he could be indicted for money laundering at one point. She said — the day after she was elected, she said, and I quote, we’re definitely going to sue his ass. He’ll know my name,” he said.

“And when you make statements like that, how can you say there’s no political angle to this? You can maybe say the facts are there, but it’s also political. That’s Letitia James’ own doing,” he said.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that James’ prosecution of him was largely political.

Earlier in the month, he tore into James, a Democrat, and Judge Arthur Engoron, the latter of whom is overseeing his civil fraud trial in the Empire State.

“Remember, the corrupt and radical Judge Engoron is a political hack who wouldn’t give us a Jury, wouldn’t let this ‘case’ go to the Commercial Division, where it belongs (would have been TERMINATED), incredibly ignored the Appellate Court decision that struck down almost 90% of this fake lawsuit based on Statute of Limitations, etc., and, Illegally and Unconstitutionally Gagged me and my lawyers, in a brazen and blatant attempt to prevent us from bringing vital information to the Public and the Courts,” Trump posted to Truth Social.

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The former president said that James and Engoron are “causing grave damage to our Justice System, to New York State, and to the United States of America!”

James sued Trump and his sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., for alleged ill-gotten gains and initially sought $250 million. The Republican candidate for president in 2024 faced allegations that he massively inflated the value of his assets on his annual financial statements by billions of dollars to secure more favorable insurance and loan terms.

Trump has repeatedly protested Engoron’s findings last fall that he committed fraud, noting that none of the banks he worked with were harmed financially and all of his loan applications urged financial partners to do their own assessments.

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