Nikki Haley Makes Admits The Obvious After Losing Another State to Trump


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After losing every single state so far that has voted in the Republican presidential primary, Nikki Haley has finally admitted that it’s “very possible” that the GOP has moved away from her positions.

Former President Donald Trump won the Michigan Republican presidential primary on Tuesday night. The 45th president also dominated the first four major contests in South Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Iowa.

During an interview on CNN, Haley was asked about her struggling campaign and finally admitted that the party is standing with Trump — not her.

‘”Isn’t it possible the party has moved, and the party is about Donald Trump and not what you’re describing, which might be the party of yesterday?” CNN’s Dana Bash asked Haley.


“It is very possible. What I am saying to my Republican Party family is, we are in a ship with a hole in it, and we can either go down with the ship and watch the country go socialist left, or we can see that we need to take the life raft and move in a new direction,” Haley said.

Haley went on to claim that she’s staying in the race and plans to traverse more than half a dozen states over the next week, holding fundraisers and rallies as part of her commitment to staying in the contest.

“We’ve only seen a handful of states vote. I’ve said this before as much as the media wants to jump ahead, we’re taking this one state, one day at a time. I’m doing what I believe 70% of Americans want me to do,” Haley claimed.

Looking beyond Haley, a recent poll delivered some potentially devastating news for Democrats ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Surveys have shown Trump moving past President Joe Biden for months now.

An Emerson College poll found that Trump also beat Vice President Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom, the governor of California. He also blows past Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

The poll found that 45 percent of the 1,225 registered voter respondents surveyed support Trump in a race against Biden, who draws 44 percent support.

Another eleven percent of poll participants are undecided. Trump’s advantage falls within the ± 2.7 percent credibility interval.

“Trump’s slim edge grows by one point when the field widens to include third-party candidates. He leads the pack with 40 percent, followed by Biden at 38 percent and independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. at seven percent. From there, Green Party candidate Jill Stein and independent candidate Cornel West tie at one percent, with another thirteen percent undecided,” the site noted further, referencing the results.

Moreover, a plurality of voters — 45 percent — anticipate that Trump will win the next presidency, whereas 42 percent believe Biden will. Another 14 percent indicates that someone else will emerge victorious in November.

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Emerson conducted polls on potential matchups between Trump and other prominent Democrats across the country against a backdrop of national attention on Biden’s mental acuity and age.

Scrutiny regarding Biden’s mental fitness and age intensified following Special Counsel Robert Hur’s damning report on Biden’s classified document case and the president’s disastrous press conference addressing it.

The polls revealed that all other Democrats trail behind Trump, and their performances were worse than Biden’s.


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