New Secret Service Emails Reveal More Biden Dog Attacks On Agents


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A newly released batch of emails between Secret Service agents reveals that the first family’s German shepard, Commander, is much more aggressive — and dangerous — to security personnel than first thought.

The emails contain multiple reports of the dog snipping and lunging at agents, the Washington Examiner reported.

One email revealed by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed that Commander actually lunged at the throat of one agent who was opening a door to the White House residency for First Lady Jill Biden.

“The family pet jumped on (the agent) and bit on the left chest area, resulting in a torn shirt, and two small lacerations,” said the email which included a photo of the agent’s torn shirt.


The documents obtained by the group detail at least two dozen attacks by the dog on agents at all of the residences and vacation homes the Bidens took the dog to, including Camp David.

“The Bidens are lucky no one has been killed as a result of their reckless disregard for the safety of Secret Service and White House employees,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

“These Biden dog attack documents again raise fundamental questions about President Biden and the Secret Service. This is a special sort of craziness and corruption where a president and first lady would allow their dog to repeatedly attack Secret Service and White House personnel,” he added.

The dog has since been removed from the Bidens’ care and is currently being homed by associates of the first couple.

Previous reports have detailed the attacks as well.

According to The Western Journal in July 2023, “Secret Service emails show that President Joe Biden’s German shepherd Commander bit seven people over four months last year, sending one Secret Service officer to the hospital.”

The incidents came “after former first dog Major was ousted from the White House over similar aggressive behavior,” the New York Post noted further in an exclusive report.

The outlet noted further: “The shocking spate of incidents involving Commander — none of them previously reported — mirrors attacks involving Major, who the White House says was given to family friends after biting many Secret Service members in 2021. In the most serious documented incident involving Commander, the White House physician’s office on Nov. 3, 2022, referred a bitten Secret Service uniformed officer to a local hospital for treatment after the dog clamped down on their arm and thigh, according to emails released under the Freedom of Information Act to conservative legal group Judicial Watch.”

According to records, Commander broke the skin of a different Secret Service member’s hand and arm weeks later after the president let him out of the White House after a family movie night. In the following month, Commander bit a security technician at Biden’s Wilmington, Del., home.

The documented attacks between September 2022 and January likely do not provide a complete record of incidents involving Commander since it doesn’t include his initial nine months at the White House or the most recent six-month period, the outlet speculated.

“These shocking records raise fundamental questions about President Biden and the Secret Service,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton in remarks to The Post.

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“This is a special sort of craziness and corruption where a president would allow his dog to repeatedly attack and bite Secret Service and White House personnel. And rather than protect its agents, the Secret Service tried to illegally hide documents about the abuse of its agents and officers by the Biden family,” Fitton noted further.

Biden expressed doubts about the honesty of a Secret Service member who reported being bitten on the leg by his previous dog, Major, who was also a German shepherd.

But agents have discussed alarming behind-the-scenes developments regarding the Biden dogs.


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