MAGA Inc. Spokeswoman Dispels Latest Rumor About Donald Trump


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Karoline Leavitt, a spokesperson for Make America Great Again Inc., described the behavior of three former Trump White House associates as “infuriating” because they are spreading falsehoods about the 45th president that are reminiscent of “the Democrats’ playbook.”

“These are three women who, as a matter of fact are my three former White House colleagues, who went from Trump supporters to Trump haters very quickly because they learned that’s the fastest way to get your face on television and sell crappy books these days,” Leavitt said during an appearance on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.

“Here’s the deal. All three of these women were very complimentary of President Trump when they worked for him. [Former Trump White House Communications Director] Alyssa Farah Griffin said President Trump was a remarkable man, [former Trump White House deputy press secretary] Sarah Matthews said it was the greatest honor of her lifetime to work in the Trump White House. And Cassidy Hutchinson sold a book full of falsehoods that have been debunked by numerous witnesses and credible people,” Leavitt added.

“I think it’s the most pitiful statement of all when they said that Donald Trump poses a greater threat to democracy than Joe Biden, who is literally allowing a mass invasion of illegal people into our country, whose weakness on the world stage is marching us towards World War III and who is literally using our government institutions to target his political opposition,” she continued. “That is the hallmark of a dictatorship. The truth is real Americans don’t care what these three women have to say.

“They care about how they feel, and they feel the consequences of the Biden administration and that’s why President Trump is going to win the Republican nomination in just a few short weeks.

In an interview with ABC News’ “This Week” co-host Jonathan Karl last month, Griffin, Matthews, and Hutchinson explored the potential consequences of a second term for President Trump for the nation.


Below is a snippet of the interview on ABC:

According to the former director of communications for Trump, a second term in office could “signal the end of American democracy as we know it.”

Regarding the possibility of a second Trump administration, Leavitt stated that the American people will see through the accusations made by the three women.

“Knowing these women, having worked with them, it’s infuriating for me to watch them sit there and spew these lies that are right out of the Democrat’s playbook,” Leavitt said. “It’s Jonathan Karl and the mainstream propaganda media, who is pushing the lie that Donald Trump is somehow going to be a dictator. The American public is not going to buy this.”

“We lived under a Trump administration before and guess what? Our economy was booming, our nation was safe, our border was secure, and there was peace around this world. That’s what the American public wants to see again,” Leavitt added.

In late December, a report emerged that White House officials are “deeply frustrated” with how the media has portrayed the polls, which show a negative picture of the Biden administration’s economic gains.

According to The Hill‘s reporting, “Someone in the Biden orbit also told The Hill part of the frustration is the disproportionate media focus on the polls that show Biden losing while ignoring polls that show him winning.”

Trump may have predicted the economy’s collapse under Biden’s administration, but inflation is falling, stock prices are soaring, and the unemployment rate is near “historic lows.” In addition, it seems like prices are going down after the pandemic.

However, per The Hill, economic progress is not getting the coverage needed to sway results in the polls.

A Biden official told The Hill that the lack of coverage is a “deep frustration.”

“One Biden ally said meetings have taken place because of ‘deep frustration’ over polls but that it did not reflect a panic over the president’s prospects,” The Hill reported.

A source from the Biden administration told The Hill that “the meetings are intended to discuss messaging based on his age and his accomplishments. There has been concern among his inner circle that the messaging has not been strong or consistent enough to break through with the public.”

But with the election still several months away, the Biden administration is brushing off polls as irrelevant.

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