Jill Biden Should Be Held Responsible For ‘Elder Abuse’: Karoline Leavitt


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Trump 2024 national press secretary Karoline Leavitt says First Lady Jill Biden should be held accountable for “elder abuse” with her husband, arguing that many can see President Joe Biden’s noticeable decline in mental acuity.

A lot of people are worried about President Joe Biden’s ability to be commander-in-chief after last week’s first presidential debate, which many people thought was bad. In a statement to Vogue, the first lady said that the Biden family would not let the first presidential debate define his presidency and that her husband will “always do what’s best for the country.”

This led Leavitt to argue that a second Biden presidency would not be best for the country.

“The majority of the American public agree with that. Jill Biden doesn’t because, I guess, she doesn’t want to be a loving wife and go take care of her husband in Delaware, which is what she should be doing,” Leavitt said.

“And I think the media, it’s time for them to finally step up after they’ve been complicit in this cover-up by the Democrat Party over the last four years and ask really tough questions of Jill Biden and of the Biden family about what they know about our president’s state. Clearly, Jill Biden obviously knows her husband better than anyone else in this country, in this world, and she too continues to lie to the American people. It really is shameful. She’s been engaging in elder abuse, and she should be held accountable for that,” Leavitt added.

Leavitt also said that the Democratic Party has been “exposed” for maintaining over and over that Joe Biden is mentally sound and able to serve another term as president.

She said that the party “did this to themselves” and that Joe Biden is not likely to be replaced before the election.



Despite receiving harsh criticism from Democrats and Republicans for his performance in his first presidential debate, Jill Biden praised Joe Biden.

At the debate after-party, Jill Biden welcomed her husband on stage in front of a live audience, as if she were happy that the president answered the moderators’ questions.

“Joe, you did such a great job! You answered every question, you knew all the facts!” Jill Biden cheered for a smiling Joe Biden on stage.

“And let me ask the crowd. “What did Trump do?” the first lady continued, turning to the audience and gesturing before shouting, “Lie!”

The video has gone viral across social media since the debate, with many articles reporting on Jill Biden’s manner of speaking being reminiscent of praising a child.

The media landscape has erupted in response to President Joe Biden’s horrific performance during the CNN Presidential Debate.

Responses have ranged from “dismal” critiques to outspoken requests from the left for him to get out of the 2024 contest.

Because of Biden’s comments, there have been discussions regarding whether the presumed Democratic nominee should withdraw from the contest to clear the way for an August convention contest for the nomination.


President Biden is not thinking about withdrawing from the presidential race despite his terrible debate performance and a concerted lobbying campaign from the leftist media to do so, according to CNN’s Kayla Tausche.

CNN anchor John Berman on Friday morning asked: “Lot of questions for the Biden campaign. What are you hearing from the Biden team, Kayla?”

“Well, John, the Biden team as of this moment plans to pack up what few wins they had on the debate stage last night. You’ve already seen some of those packaged and posted on social media, and to move on and focus on what’s coming down the pike,” Tausche began.

“There are no plans, I’m told, for the president to drop out of the race and even further, I’m told that the president is still committed to a second debate in September, which is currently scheduled for September 10 and hosted by ABC News, much along the lines of the rules of the debate that was hosted last night,” Tausche added.

“Now, the adviser that I spoke with said that they’re not putting too much stock in the conversation last night, and that many of the staffers on the campaign and in the White House also worked on President Obama’s reelection in 2012. And they tried to draw the parallel to that first debate. That was a very low performance for President Obama, even he would call it a stinker. And they said that if you had believed the pundits in the wake of that debate, Mitt Romney would be president, would have been president after that,” she continued.

“But of course, the big difference is in the wake of that debate, no one in Obama’s own party was calling for him to resign the office of president. And that is the moment that Democrats find themselves in right now. The mood that I’m hearing from Democrats who are texting this morning is described as fatalistic behind the scenes,” she added.

Tausche concluded: “And while we’ve seen some of these public pronouncements from members of the president’s own party, there is still so much consternation about what happens next and whether the performance aspect of last night can even be fixed going forward. Because if not, that September debate is likely just to be a repeat of what we saw on stage last night, putting Democrats in the same position they’re in right now, even closer to Election Day. That being said, Biden himself did not seem to be fazed by it.”



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