House Officially Votes on Launching Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden


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The United States House of Representatives held a vote on Wednesday to formally authorize its investigation into President Joe Biden’s potential impeachment.

By a party-line vote of 221-212, the Republican-controlled chamber approved the investigation, which is looking into whether Biden improperly benefited from his 53-year-old son Hunter Biden’s international business dealings. Hunter Biden had earlier declined an invitation to testify behind closed doors.

Claiming that it is politically motivated and lacking in evidence, the White House has rejected the investigation. In anticipation of a potential rematch with Trump in the 2024 election, Biden is gearing up for battle. With two impeachments under his belt and four impending criminal trials, Trump has made history as the first president of the United States to face impeachment twice.

Earlier this week, House Speaker Mike Johnson said he believes the votes are there to launch one.

“He just told us that … Thursday,” Rep. Lisa McClain (R-Mich.) said of Johnson in comments to Reuters after leaving a closed-door meeting with the Republican conference on Monday.

Reuters went on to claim that “House Republicans have so far failed to produce evidence tying Biden’s actions as vice president to his son’s businesses,” which is false, per GOP lawmakers.


In September, during a House Freedom Caucus press conference, an incredulous Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) tore into a reporter who asked what evidence House Republicans had to begin the inquiry.

“What actual evidence do you have as opposed to allegations to show to the American public that would merit an actual impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden and prove that today isn’t just about some of you?” a reporter asked off-camera.

“Oh, I don’t know,” interjected Perry as the reporter went on to suggest Republicans were simply “enacting political revenge” after Democrats impeached then-President Donald Trump.

“This isn’t about political revenge. We have the bank accounts we can see, ma’am. You can see that the homes that the Bidens own can’t be afforded on a congressional or Senate salary. You also understand that it’s not normal for family members to receive millions of dollars from overseas interests,” Perry responded, growing increasingly animated and agitated.

“Those things aren’t normal. That’s not normal. Have 20 shell country companies, these things are not normal. And it alludes to not only just widespread corruption, but money laundering, if not influence peddling itself,” he continued.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the leading Republican on the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, told Just the News last week that “banks filed at least six reports concerning Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings that flagged President Joe Biden’s home address in Delaware and raised concerns about possible criminal activity involving money laundering or human trafficking,” the outlet reported.

He also said “that the Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS) chronicled about $12 million in transactions over several years, some of which passed through Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Del., home where he had allowed his son to stay,” the outlet noted further.

Johnson asserted that Joe Biden would likely have been aware that his son was utilizing his home as a business and banking address if for no other reason than postal mail arriving at the location. He further contended that House impeachment investigators have ample grounds to inquire into Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s foreign dealings. The House is scheduled to vote on formally authorizing an impeachment inquiry next week.

“There’d be so much activity coming into his address, in this case, Hunter Biden’s businesses, that he obviously would have to be aware,” Johnson said of the current Oval Office occupant. “So, again, I just use the word obvious. It has been so obvious for so long that Biden Inc. is a corrupt enterprise. And that this president is corrupt, that he is compromised.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity in July, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) predicted that Joe Biden would go down as “one of the most corrupt stories in U.S. history when we get to the bottom of it.”

“I’ve been to the Treasury. I’ve read dozens of suspicious activity reports,” she told Hannity. “I can tell you the amount of money that we are talking about is staggering. I believe the number will be higher than $50 million at the end of the day.

“What we have seen is evidence of bribery, corruption, possible racketeering, money laundering. What we have to do next, whether there is an impeachment inquiry or more investigation or a special counsel, in the meantime the House Oversight Committee, Judiciary Committee, Ways and Means, we have to get as many whistleblowers as possible,” she said.

Mace noted further that the evidence “is corroborated and text messages, emails, eyewitness testimony, whistleblowers from the IRS, et cetera. The amount of evidence is starting to become overwhelming.”

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