GOP Lawmaker Says House Building ‘Airtight’ Case Against Joe Biden


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A Republican lawmaker said on Tuesday that the GOP-majority House is busy building an “airtight” case involving President Joe Biden over allegations he took a bribe as vice president and engaged in other nefarious business activities during his time in office.

Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.) told Newsmax TV he and the rest of his party understand that their supporters are eager for them to open an impeachment inquiry into Biden but that they are taking the matter much more seriously than their Democratic counterparts did when they launched two impeachment bids against then-President Donald Trump.

“[Then-Speaker Nancy] Pelosi brought impeachment to the floor just as an emotional thing,” Murphy, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, told the network. “The woman doesn’t know anything except politics. Impeachment is not something that we should do easily just because we don’t like a president.


“You have to build an airtight case, and I know many Republicans are upset we haven’t done it so far. I don’t do things and our caucus does not do things just for show. We want to bring an airtight case to the American people and show them with email records, with telephone records, how the president essentially sold his office as vice president for money and for political gain,” he continued.

That said, he also noted that he believes an impeachment inquiry will happen “fairly soon.”

“It is absolutely heartbreaking that you find out the duplicity and the absolute negligence and guilt that is seen in our government in trying to hide up, not only the [president’s] son, but what will actually eventually, in my opinion, lead to the president himself,” Murphy, who has been representing North Carolina’s 3rd District since 2019, said.

He also said it was “absolute nonsense” for Democrats and the president’s many defenders in the mainstream media to claim Republicans haven’t found any incriminating evidence on Biden to date.

“If you look at what the media has done, of course, they just want to sweep it under the rug because they didn’t cover any of this stuff a few weeks ago about Hunter Biden,” Murphy said. “Those individuals that say there’s no evidence there, my God, there was absolutely no evidence with the nonsense that Adam Schiff brought forth against President Trump.

“There’s absolute evidence, and we see these in emails, text conversations, depositions. We want to bring absolute facts forward for the American people and let them be the judge,” he continued.

Earlier this month, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, head of the House Republican Conference, discussed a “damning photo” she recently uncovered as the GOP-led House continues to uncover what they have claimed is mounting evidence of corruption involving Biden and his family

Stefanik revealed she had found a picture of Biden as vice president aboard Air Force Two with his Hunter Biden-linked current adviser, Fox News reported.

Amos Hochstein, Joe Biden’s special presidential coordinator, appears to have been in contact with Hunter Biden and his associates at the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings during the period when Hunter was a board member. The communication was highlighted in emails that Fox News Digital previously reported.

A photograph taken by White House photographer David Lienemann depicts Biden receiving a briefing from Hochstein aboard Air Force Two during his journey to meet Ukrainian leaders in Kyiv on December 6, 2015. The meeting coincided with Biden’s warning that $1 billion in U.S. aid would be withheld unless they removed their chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.

“This damning picture of then Vice President Joe Biden on Air Force Two en route to Ukraine talking with Amos Hochstein is just further evidence that Biden and senior officials in the Biden Administration not only knew of Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings, but also that Joe Biden was intimately involved while Vice President,” Stefanik told Fox News Digital in a statement.


“At the time of this photo, Hochstein was in communication with Hunter Biden and Burisma where Hunter served on the board,” she noted further. “We also know that this photo was taken on Air Force Two ahead of Joe Biden’s now infamous meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, where Biden threatened to have aid withheld if a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma was not fired.”

“All evidence points directly to Joe Biden being deeply compromised. House Republicans will leave no stone unturned in our investigations into Biden’s involvement in his family’s influence-peddling scheme,” Stefanik added.

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