Fani Wilis’ Father On Her Having Cash Hidden In Her Home: ‘It’s a Black Thing’


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A Georgia state judge is holding an evidentiary hearing over allegations that embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis engaged in an “improper” affair.

And it did not take long for things to go off the rails on Friday.

Willis is currently leading the case regarding election interference during the 2020 presidential election against former President Donald Trump and 18 other co-defendants. One of these co-defendants, Michael Roman, has made an accusation that Willis had an “improper” romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Willis hired Wade, an outside attorney, to represent Trump in court.

Willis’s father took a stand on Friday, possibly doing more harm than good as his daughter battles for her political career in the face of accusations of tax abuse, romantic nepotism, and lying under oath.

Her father, John Floyd III — a retired lawyer and former Black Panther Party member — stated in court that he was “concerned” for Willis’ safety in the days following her accusation of felony racketeering against Trump and eighteen other defendants.


Floyd said he “walked around the house” and “looked out of every window” during the day after reprobates allegedly sprayed derogatory words on Willis’ house.

“Somebody sprayed the B-word and the N-word on the house, and I don’t think my daughter even knew about that,” he said at one point.

At another point, Floyd claimed he predicted the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

”I knew it was coming before anyone in the States,” he told prosecutors. “Before Covid was even here in the U.S. – remember I lived in South Africa and I traveled the world. I knew Covid was coming before. They may have announced it in ’20, but i knew what was happening in ’19.”

Most damningly for Willis, Floyd was unable to support her original assertion that she didn’t start dating Wade until after his hiring by her office. On Thursday, a former friend of Willis testified that they had been dating since 2019.

“She kept that [relationship] a secret from you, is that correct?” a lawyer for Willis asked.

“That is correct,” he replied.

During the defense attorneys’ counter-interrogation, Willis claimed he wasn’t informed that she had thousands of dollars in cash lying around her house, but that it is a “Black thing” to have a lot of cash around the house.

“I’m not trying to be racist, Your Honor. It’s a Black thing. I was trained, most Black folks hide and keep cash. I was trained you always keep some cash, and just because of the color of my skin,” he said before launching into a tangential story about a time he took his wife and daughter to breakfast.

“I took a fellowship at Harvard when my daughter was just 3 years old, and I remember going to a restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and I had an American Express card and maybe a Visa, and I had a lot of what they call traveler’s checks… There was a sign that said credit card, and for whatever reason the man wouldn’t take my Amex, then he wouldn’t take my Visa. Then I pulled out traveler’s checks and he said we don’t take that either.

“I’ll never forget this, i had $10, and he said the bill for my wife and daughter and myself was $9.99. I’ll always remember that. I told my daughter you keep six months worth of cash always.”


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If Willis lied in an affidavit regarding the timeline of her relationship with Wade, legal observers have surmised that she could potentially face criminal charges. Judge Scott McAfee will decide whether or not Willis can proceed with her case against President Trump.

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