Dem ‘Consultant Industrial Complex’ Continues Push to Remove Biden From Ticket: Report


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A leading Democrat-leaning pollster said in a report on Friday that the so-called “consultant industrial complex” on the left is continuing to clamor for replacing what they see as a very vulnerable President Joe Biden from atop the party’s ticket.

Democratic pollster and analyst John Zogby described the situation as disgraceful, stating that the “consultant-industrial complex” is in full panic mode months too early, at a time when they should be uniting behind the president. Furthermore, Zogby mentioned that their concerns are unfounded, as some polls indicate that Biden is still tied with former President Donald Trump.

Obviously, Trump did not have a good week, having been convicted of 34 felony counts in Manhattan related to his ‘hush money’ payment ahead of the 2016 election to adult film star Stormy Daniels, despite the fact that state and federal officials and prosecutors had all previously determined that no crime had been committed.

But Biden didn’t have a good week, either, as the Washington Examiner noted:

The White House was socked again by a report that inflation was not cooling but remaining above the Fed’s 2% goal. And Biden offered up yet another Gaza peace plan without first winning any support from Israel.


Even worse, said conservative grader Jed Babbin, the administration’s efforts in Gaza turned disastrous when its $320 million humanitarian aid pier broke apart in a storm, what he called “the perfect metaphor for the Biden administration.”

Zogby only gave Biden a “C+” for the week.

“It only stands to reason that when your opponent is convicted on 34 felony charges, then there is potential for a good week. That is what happened, and President Joe Biden had reason to cheer,” Zogby noted in his report.

“There was also some good economic news this week. Consumer confidence metrics were higher and fears of recession were down. The annualized rate of inflation held steady at 2.7%. That is the calculation that the Federal Reserve uses in its deliberations so it was at least some validation of progress for Biden,” he added.

“In a new poll for PBS/NPR, the president not only led Trump but reached 50%, a horse race figure he has seen only rarely in the past year,” Zogby claimed.

“On the other hand, the president keeps drawing imaginary red lines for Israel to not cross in Rafah, where Israel crosses them with U.S. weapons, and then new red lines have to be drawn.  Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have given Israel more red lines than a ‘Where’s Waldo’ shirt. They have also given ‘approval’ to Ukraine to use American weapons to attack inside Russia’s border, threatening a full-scale NATO war,” the pollster continued.

“And ’tis the season for backstabbing from the consultant-industrial complex. Usually, these folks express doom in October and privately throw in the towel so they can (1) avoid blame for a loss,  and (2) position themselves for the next lucrative loss. But, hell now, in May? They are talking about how to remove Biden from the ticket. That never works for the consultant class,” Zogby added.

But GOP pollster Jed Babbin gave Biden a grade of “D-.” He writes:

President Joe Biden thinks he won the week simply by the expedient of former President Donald Trump having been convicted by a New York City jury. Biden said that “no one is above the law.” Really? Not even Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton or first son Hunter Biden?

As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pointed out, Biden engaged in what is pretty clearly witness tampering in the coming Hunter trial, with his sudden visit to Hallie Biden — late son Beau’s wife before she became Hunter’s mistress — who is scheduled to testify in the trial of Hunter on violating gun laws. If Biden didn’t try to persuade her to help clear Hunter, I’ll eat my hat. …

Inflation remains stubbornly high, and the Fed is talking about raising interest rates again to try to slow the overheated inflation.

Perhaps the worst thing Biden did this week was attempt to persuade Britain and France not to censure Iran at the June meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Biden is turning a blind eye to Iran’s progress to nuclear weapons. Iran has enough enriched uranium to build about five nukes in weeks. And Biden is protecting Iran from even the mild nudge the IAEA could do. Biden’s envoys are also trying to talk Iran out of more escalation in its wars against Israel and the rest of civilization.

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