True Weight Loss Story: She Stopped Eating One Food And Lost 100 Pounds!

Lorraine Olohlin (28) from Northern Ireland for years was struggling with excess weight because of which she fell into severe depression and rarely went out of the house. Then she changed one little thing and amazing thing happened to her body like the fact that she lost 100 pounds..

Lorraine is the mother of three children and her entire daily routine consisted of running after children. She had regular meals, but ate only at night, like snacks, sweets and drinking coffee. But as she says, she was drinking coffee not only at night but during the day and sometimes up to 15 cups! Thus, she reached 240 pounds body weight, and today she has 140 pounds and have never felt better, writes Daily Mail.

100 pounds

The big consumption of coffee had the effect of insomnia, so during the day she was not tired and sleepy, and always had beside her a cup of this drink, as well sweetened.

“Only the coffee was helping me to spend the day. Now that I lost weight, everything is different. Sometimes I was very ashamed of my weight, even I did not want to leave the house. Today finally I can enjoy all the activities with my kids, “Lorraine told of the Daily Mail.

Her transformation began in April 2015 when she limited the intake of coffee to four cups a day, and instead of sugar she used natural sweeteners. So, one thing drags another, and over time she began to greet elections overall her diet,and not only about coffee, and she succeed to lose weight about 90 pounds.

“I have always struggled with excess weight, but the situation got out of control when I gave birth to children. Constantly I suffered why not spend time with them outside, so I decided to give everything of themselves. And they are proud of me and wanted to mark my progress, ” explains Lorraine.


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